3rd meeting, Sofia


6.-8. September 2017

2 main topics were on the agenda:

  • The country reports of our host Bulgaria and the country report from Romania
  • Compilation of best practices

We were changing the set-up for the best practices: instead of presenting one example after the other – and as there were 22 (!) that would have taken much time to get bored – we decided to focus on the discussion of the best practices.

So the compilation was sent out one week before the meeting, giving every partner the opportunity to read the paper.

We organised a sort of fair of ideas: one table per partner, and this country was visited by any other partner who wanted to learn more about the conditions etc. and how to import this best practice into one’s own institution.

This worked out very well, so every partner left Sofia with a concrete idea of realising his/her best practice.

The meeting was enriched by the visit of Mrs. Azhar Alomar from the NGO Orient Bulgaria Foundation, involved in refugee’s care projects on medical treatments and delivering medicine to the refugees.