2nd meeting, Hannover

Interviews and the first two Country Reports in Hannover
10.-13. May 2017

Austria, Finland, Germany, Poland and Bulgaria presented their results after the interviews with refugees and migrants. Hungary and partly Bulgaria will complete the task until our next meeting in Sofia in September.
Main concern of the interviewees was the decision on their status, if they will be allowed to stay in Europe.

Country reports
Germany and Austria were the first partners to present their reports giving a solid overview about the situation of migrants and refugees concerning asylum procedure, labour market, housing, countries of origin etc. Just one picture to illustrate the Austrian situation (2016):


Template for best practicesWP_20170512_14_30_21_Pro (4)
After a lively discussion we agreed on the keywords for the description of our best practices. The partners will write down  and introduce their practices and send them to Gabriela Delova (BDA, Bulagria), who will bring them all together. The whole document will be sent to the partners before the meeting in Sofia in order to prepare ourselves for the meeting.

Annika from Finland presented the highly acclaimed website, and we decided on the procedure of publication and what will be published.

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