Project Activities

Project meetings:

October 2016 – Vienna
May 2017 – Hannover
September 2017 – Sofia
February 2018- Budapest
June 2017 – Helsinki

The project meetings are the core part of the project. We exchange information and best practices and identify innovative ways of supporting immigrants and refugees. Our fields of interest are education, legal guidance, introduction into society, entering the labour market, housing, mobility and national habits etc. We explore opportunities for working together as formal and non-formal organizations. We also investigate kinds of educational pathways that can lead to successful integration into society.

National report of each partner country

National reports introduce the immigration situation and integration practices of each country. There is a common template of 20 questions that every partner seeks to answer. These reports are presented and discussed in partner meetings.

Interviewing immigrants

During the project, each partner interviews at least 10 immigrants about immigration processes and good practices. We want to find out what has worked well from the immigrants’ perspective. What do immgrants consider to be good practices. And, what could be developed from their points of view? Best practices or good suggestions can derive from these answers.

Piloting best practices

After compiling good practices together, each partner chooses one practice for an  experiment. These experiments are reported and presented within the outcomes, ie. in the final report as well as in the brochure of good practices.