Nevo Parudimos Association is a non – profit, apolitical organization which was founded by a group of teachers, Roma activists and Roma students from Caras-Severin county, in the south-west of Romania in 2008. The aim of the Nevo Parudimos association is to decrease the economic, social, educational and cultural discrepancies in the society.

The activities of Nevo Parudimos Association are divided in different fields: education, culture, social work, community development, human rights, youth work and volunteering. In the youth work field the activities are in most cases connected with the other activities of the NGO, mostly funded by European Commission through different programmes. All the youth projects have as beneficiary Roma young people, youth from foster care, youngsters from rural area and youth coming from very poor communities.

Our expertise is well known and recognized in Roma young people’s inclusion projects. Nevo Parudimos in” Roma Youth, European Youth” projects 1, 2, 3 and 4 have developed a guide for the youth workers „9 steps guide how to work with Roma youngsters”, guide which now it is used at international level by all our partners. Also Nevo Parudimos has a great expertise in educational projects, with a higher focus on non-formal education activities, giving the experience of the staff involved.


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