Tolerance Institute was founded in 2001 by engaged citizens with the goal of promoting the idea of tolerance and respect for others. Initially, the confrontation with xenophobic slogans on the facades of Lodz’s houses provoked an activist’s reaction against this form of discrimination. Discussions, workshops and concerts were meant to confront this vandalism with a constructive and creative exercise in order to create a notion of tolerance for a generation that lacked a basic education towards a responsible and open citizenship. By means of culture and education, tolerance was meant to be achieved.

From its beginnings, Tolerance institute has organised meetings and debates about foreign countries, ethnic groups and religious denominations that played an important role in the urban and regional development of Lodz. Its mission “tolerance through education and culture” is deeply rooted in the reality of a below average poverty in the city and region and a socially unstable society.

Website: http://www.instytuttolerancji.org/wordpress/