5th meeting, Helsinki


6. –8. June 2018

Final meeting in Helsinki!

After almost two years of intensive work we met for the last time in the Finnish capital city.

After the presentation of the country report from Finland by Annika, we heard the last country report from Poland & presentation of the best practices importation in Poland.Helsinki2

Since there have been many changes in the national legislation and political landscape in the partner countries, every partner delivered up-to-date information about the situation of refugees in the partner countries if things had dramatically changed.

Then, project manager Mrs Elina Nurmi introduced International House of Helsinki.



After that every partner presented his/her dissemination activities during summer, confirming the plans presented at the meeting in February in Budapest.

The requirements for the final report were agreed upon.Oske



A visit to the Helsinki Skills Center was a part of next day’s programme.







Instead of regrets and goodbyes we tried to look ahead and ended up with some very decent ideas for collaboration in the future. I really did appreciate this discussion!

(And by the way, we agreed to support the idea of a European immigration law.)