4th meeting, Budapest

Kuva219.– 22. March 2018

The consortium had a dense working program in Budapest:

    • Lena Palko – Hungary with her country report
    • Zein NUKARI and Anneke NUSSELDER the Netherlands– with the Dutch country report
    • Zein NUKARIthe Netherlands – with the report on Dutch best practices (rowing club activities, meetings, painting activities etc.)
    • Maria PETROVA Bulgaria – report on Bulgarian best practices
    • Lena PALKO Hungaryreport on Hungarian best practices (3 day festival (film/family/food – organized in cooperation with Maria PETROVA from Bulgaria)
    • Berit STAECKER and Susanne KANNENBERG –Germany­ with the report on German best practices (Arts festival etc.)
    • Laura-Mihaela TURCU –Romania– report on best practices in her country (Lunch club)
    • Nigel A. JAMES – Austria– report on Austrian best practice (an online magazine PontiNova, http://pontinova.blogspot.com/ )
    • Annika VESANTO –Finland– report on Finnish best practices (A bun club, A glimpse into cultures -course etc.)


The following dissemination activities were agreed:

Austria – A PontiNova summer project containing even more interviews and more awareness. Further. Austria undertook to distribute Best Practice leaflet as means of encouraging more contact and integration.

The Netherlands – As well as using the Best Practices leaflet, The Netherlands undertook to organize more information meetings with various groups including several churches and other interested parties. Further, The Netherlands voiced their intentions of writing and having articles published in various Church magazines. The Netherlands also spoke of using their contacts with national EU agencies for dissemination activities.

Bulgaria – Bulgaria undertook not only to use the Best Practices leaflet, but also to include schools in their efforts. Also, direct contact with the Syrian Club in Sofia, and personal contacts with other groups of refugees would be on their agenda.

Germany – Germany undertook to distribute Best Practice leaflet at their Summer Festival which is being held in Hannover. This festival is a German-wide German VHS festival. Further, Germany stated their intentions of using other information methods such as their website to disseminate this project.

Hungary – Agreed to use their organization’s website and Facebook for dissemination purposes. Also agreed to use the Best Practices leaflet.

Finland – Finland said they could use the City of Helsinki’s website for part of their dissemination activities. Another suggestion was to send an article for the newsletter of the Finnish Association of Adult Education Centres (KOL ) as well as for the EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults) Communications Unit which happens to be in Finland. Finland will also make use of the Best Practice leaflet.

Romania –  Romania would promote best practices with The Best Practices Leaflet. They would also expand their lunch clubs. Further, they undertook to update their website etc.

Poland – Poland said they would use The Best Practices Leaflet for dissemination purposes. They would also be contacting Universities concerning usage of our results for students’ thesis projects.